Time To Think by Nancy Kline

Time To Think by Nancy Kline

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 Time To Think

This audiobook is no longer available for purchase on this site. You can find it on Apple music. 

Listening To Ignite The Human Mind 
by Nancy Kline

    This book tells the story of the Thinking Environment. It is woven elegantly with theory, practical sessions, and with results from its use in leadership, in organizational change, in coaching, in team development and in the building of business and personal relationships of stunning quality and depth.

    'This book is a stunner.The information that Nancy gives on listening, really listening, is remarkable and transformative.'

                  -David Megginson, Sheffield Hallam University UK


    'Time To Think outlines a powerful process of unlocking the knowledge and wisdom within the recesses of our minds. If your brain is the ultimate computer, Time To Think is like adding three times the RAM you're currently using. Every time I've used it or watched the process in action, I've witnessed great increases in thought clarity in even the brightest people.'

               -Richard Helberg, President, Peter Alexander and Company Inc, USA


Section 1

The Thinking Environment – Foreword


Part One -A Thinking Environment: Its Ten Components

1- Why a Thinking Environment Matters

2- Thinking For Yourself


Section 2

 3- Attention


Section 3

4- Incisive Questions

5- Equality

6- Appreciation

7- Ease

8- Encouragement


Section 4

 9- Feelings

10- Information, Sometimes

11- Place

12- Diversity

13- What About Solitude?


Section 5

Part Two - Creating a Thinking Environment - I. The Thinking Organization

14- The Thinking Team

15- Meeting This Way


Section 6

16- Timed Talk

17- Presenting This Way

18- Supervising This Way

19- Change in a Thinking Environment

20- Peer mentoring

21- Leading This Way

22- Executive Coaching

23- Reciprocity: The Individual and The Organization


Section 7 

II. A Turn Of Your Own: The Thinking Partnership

24- The Thinking Session Introduction

25- Kyle’s Session


Section 8

26- Thinking Session Part 1: What Do You Want To Think About?

27- Thinking Session Part 2: What Do You Want To Achieve?

28- Thinking Session Part 3: What Are You Assuming?


Section 9

29- Thinking Session Part 4: If You Knew…?

30- Thinking Session Part 5: Writing It Down

31- Thinking Session Part 6: Appreciation

32- Time Is What it Takes

33- After Thought


Section 10

Part Three – The Thinking Society

34- Introduction: The Possibilities

35- Health


Section 11

36- Schools

37- Politics

38- Love Relationships

39- Family


Section 12

Part Four - A Thinking Future

40- For The Sake of Our Dreams

Epilogue- A Tribute To Diana, Princess Of Wales