These United States - Crimes

These United States - Crimes

Sick, tired, torn, and frayed, These United States let no dust settle under their soles this spring as they made the pilgrimage from DC to Lexington, KY just 9 weeks after the release of their debut album, sights set on a rock-and-roll reformation. The result is "Crimes," their sophomore album. One part Rolling Thunder Revue, one part banged-and-bruised balladeering, two parts just plain strange, "Crimes" sees the band hitch an American folklore ride down diverging tracks from their debut album's trembling psych-folk tendencies.

"Crimes" is packaged in a unique, environmentally friendly V-Case package, made with 100% paperboard, using soy-based inks and no bleach.

01. West Won
02. Susie at the Seashore
03. Get Yourself Home (In Search of the Mistress Whose Kisses Are Famous)
04. Pleasure and Pain and Pride and Me
05. We Go Down to That Corner
06. Honor Amongst Thieves
07. Six Fast Bullets (Five Complaints)
08. Heaven Can Wait
09. Study the Moon
10. Those Low Country Girls
11. Old John Chapman Takes a Good Long Walk
12. When You're Traveling at the Speed of Light

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