The Samples - No Room

The Samples - No Room

"No Room was the first album recorded by the Samples after signing with start-up label What Are Records? (W.A.R.?) and the follow-up to 1991's The Samples. The songs on this album continue to use the environment as a canvas for personal reflections. Sometimes it is poetic, as in "When It's Raining," which encourages personal growth ("Leave shelter when it's raining"), and "Stone Tears," which condemns repression ("No one feels the heat of the earth/Their ancient walls protect them now")." - JT Griffith All Music Guide

Released 4/12/1992

01. When It's Raining
02. Summertime
03. Another Disaster
04. Did You Ever Look So Nice
05. Nothing Lasts For Long
06. Stone Tears
07. Giants
08. Suburbia
09. 14th & Euclid
10. Won't Be Back Again
11. Pain
12. Little Whale
13. Seany Boy (drop out)
14. Taking Us Home

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