Bill Burr - Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition

Bill Burr - Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition

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Emotionally Unavailable was previously only available at Bill’s stand-up shows.  It features a complete unedited set with Bill covering topics from inadvertent racism to relationship books to crazy people on the subway. The brand new “expanded edition” augments that album with  previously unreleased highlights from a different tour - the Houston stop of the “I’m Rich Biatch Tour” which Bill co-headlined with Chappelle Show cast mates Charlie Murphy and Donell Rawlings. Much of the material from this tour later turned up on Bill’s popular HBO stand-up special, but this is the first chance people have to make it their own.

Released 10/16/2007

01. Local Reference/ Crowd Ass-Kiss Pt. One
02. Crowd Kiss Ass (Slight Return)
03. MTV Cribs
04. Plight of the Midget
05. Bush
06. Rednecks
07. War Protest
08. The South
09. The Platform
10. Downtown Six
11. Cracka Ass
12. The Podium
13. Venus/Serena
14. Grandma Comes To Town
15. Oprah
16. The Finish Line
17. Late Night
18. Relationship Book
19. Hookers
20. Strip Club
21. Spell Check
22. Closing Shit Joke


23. Not Married
24. Married Guys
25. Sex Is Your Reward
26. Give It Up For Yourselves
27. Woman's Lib
28. Titanic
29. Chatrooms
30. Racist On The Internet
31. Going To Harlem