David Wilcox - Live At Workplay double DVD

David Wilcox - Live At Workplay double DVD

$24.99 USD
This is a 2 DVD set, with a full, unedited concert on Disc 1. Disc 2 is all bonus features, David talking about the stories behind the songs, some guitar how-to, a bit about how he gets his sound for all the gear heads out there and a very unique discussion of how he approaches songwriting - sort of a 'how-to' for aspiring songwriters, but its as much a 'why-to' as well.

DVD #1: Concert
Start With The Ending
Get On
Inside Of My Head
That's What The Lonely Is For
The Kid
Grateful For Her Beauty
Rule #1
Guitar Shopping
Holy Now
Good Together
Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song
Out Of The Question
Good Man
Never Enough
How Did You Find Me Here
Rusty Old American Dream
Show The Way
Eye Of The Hurricane
Great Big World
Hold It Up To The Light

DVD #2: Bonus Features
Song Stories
Guitar Lessons
Bonus Songs
Songwriting Workshop

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