David Wilcox - End of the World Sale

Well, It's The End Of The World (Again). And to get ready, we've decided to clean up the shelves in our archive of rare CDs. Who wants to go to their demise with cluttered shelves? Not us. It's possible we won't need them soon, and we feel that you can't afford to not hear them, world's end or no.

From the out-of-print "How Did You Find Me Here" to the never-commercially-released "(Mostly) Live-Authorized Bootleg," we've pulled together 6 hard to find gems that you're sure to love. And to make sure you're dressed well and ready for the End, we've also included the Concert For The End of the World t-shirts in the sale. All purchases entitle you to a free mp3 download of the song "It's The End of the World (Again)" from David's latest album, "Reverie."

These are in extremely limited quantities, so act fast. Wait... the end of the world is imminent, so act even faster! All sales are potentially *very* final.

You can buy tickets for the End of the World Concert on December 22, 2012 at The Grey Eagle Tavern, Asheville NC

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