Stephen Lynch - 3 Balloons

Stephen Lynch - 3 Balloons

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3 Balloons – Released 3/24/2009

“My last two albums were recorded live in concert, just guitar and voice,and I wanted to do something different this time. Whenever I write or perform a new song, in my head I hear pianos and drums and tubas and string sections and jug bands and children’s choirs. I want you to hearthose things too. Except we couldn’t find a children’s choir whose parents would let them sing about drug mules and transsexual prostitutes. Maybe next time.” – Stephen Lynch

Track Listing:

01. Waiting
02. Fishin’ Hole
03. Dear Diary 1
04. Crazy Peanuts
05. 3 Balloons
06. Dear Diary 2
07. Medieval Bush
08. A History Lesson
09. Dear Diary 3
10. You (Prettier Than)
11. The Ballad of Scarface
12. America
13. Dear Diary 4
14. Hallelujah