David Wilcox - Out Beyond Ideas: Songs For Peace Project

David Wilcox - Out Beyond Ideas: Songs For Peace Project

This is a collection of ancient mystic poems, drawn from across the world's major faith traditions, made into songs by David Wilcox and Nance Pettit. This project benefits the Partners in Conflict and Partners in Peacebuilding Project at The Center for International Development and Conflict Management, based out of the University of Maryland. This project works to end intractable conflicts around the world through new and innovative person to person diplomacy.

Released 9/27/2005

01. How Did the Rose Ever Open
02. The Breeze at Dawn
03. Slicing Potatoes
04. On A Day When the Wind Is Perfect
05. Absolutely Clear
06. No One Knows His Name
07. Some Seeds
08. Farsi Intro
09. Out Beyond Ideas
10. You Who Knew Me
11. Elephant Story
12. Midnight
13. This We Have Now
14. Trembling With Joy
15. Shell Trick
16. Three Things
17. Awake My Dear

"Walk to the Well," (bonus track)

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