David Wilcox - Vista

David Wilcox - Vista

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For David Wilcox, all roads have led him to where he wanted to be. All the songs, all the shows, all the miles, all the struggles and triumphs and breakthroughs, have brought him here, to this particular spot, to this fine Vista. The result is a joyous, musically diverse album that fully combines his deeply observant lyrical touch with music that moves the feet as well as the soul.

Co-produced with Ben Wisch, Vista was recorded at home and mixed in Manhattan. It has the heart of an acoustic singer-songwriter record and the soul of a band of friends that have been playing together for years. "It's the groove these songs have that sets them apart from my other recordings," says Wilcox, "this is the soundtrack of how my life feels lately."

Released 6/13/2006

01. Get On
02. Party of One
03. Into One
04. Same Shaker
05. Vista
06. Wilford Brandon Hayes
07. No Doubt About It
08. Good Man
09. Hard Part
10. Let It Go
11. Grateful for Her Beauty
12. Miracle
13. Everywhere
14. Coming ALive
15. Great Big World