David Wilcox - Open Hand

David Wilcox - Open Hand

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David Wilcox's 'Open Hand' was recorded in 7 days from start to finish in December 2008 on 2 inch 16 track analog tape. No computer tricks were used, all of the songs on this release were recorded live, just 4 human beings playing music together. Very minimal overdubs were used, so most all of what you hear is exactly as it was played together by David and the other musicians live. Dan Phelps produced and played guitar and keyboard, Jon Evans: bass guitar and upright bass, James McAlister: drums and percussion.

The album is packaged in an innovative eco-friendly v-case

Released 4/7/2009

01. Dream Again
02. Red Eye
03. Open Hand
04. How Long
05. Winter At The Shore
06. Modern World
07. Outside Door
08. Vow of Silence
09. Captain Wanker
10. Beyond Belief
11. Not From Here
12. River Run Dry