David Wilcox - Into The Mystery

David Wilcox - Into The Mystery

With its blend of soulful sounds and life-affirming themes, Into The Mystery is both timely and timeless music - the rare CD, that amid the glut of product on the market, feels necessary and useful. "I dare to hope that this record could reach people," Wilcox says, "I have always dared to hope that. When I was first hoping that, there was not even a possibility of it. There wasn't even a format in terms of getting the music out. There are all the realities of the business that say that very few people are going to hear this. At the same time, I let myself hope that it may serve people in a big way, that people could be moved by it, and tell other people about it. It feels great to have that kind of unabashed confidence, like this would serve people well to hear it. It's like when I get to perform in front of people who've never heard me. I just know that the songs are going to serve people. I know that if they hear it, it's going to work. That's the miracle of music, that you can communicate so much in three minutes."

Released 2/25/2003

01. If It Wasn't For The Night
02. Rise
03. Last One Gone
04. Out Of The Question
05. In This Stream
06. Radio Men
07. On To The Next
08. City Of Dreams
09. Apple A Day
10. Blue Horizon
11. Ask For More
12. Native Tongue
13. Fall Away

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