David Wilcox - Airstream

David Wilcox - Airstream

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"Airstream" makes its distinctive musical and lyrical points with a range of contemporary styles, from folk balladry to acoustic soul and reggae. All could easily have inspired full-scale arrangements, but Wilcox chose to make a recording as intimate as his one-man shows - just his versatile baritone and agile guitar work.

"We decided to make this a voice-and-guitar record; even beautiful harmonies didn't make it to the mix" Wilcox said. "The simple arrangements just worked best for this batch of songs"

Released 3/4/2008

01. Right On Time
02. Forever Now
03. Perfect Storm
04. Three Brothers
05. Plain View
06. The Reason
07. Reaper Sweepstakes
08. Falling For It
09. To Love
10. Little White Lie
11. This Old Car
12. Never Change
13. No Telling Where
14. The Crossings