David Wilcox - Reverie

David Wilcox - Reverie

Reverie  was recorded in front of a live audience, but it's not a 'live' album;  it features all new songs, with no applause heard on the recording. It was done live to capture the energy of songs taking flight through many ears, minds, and hearts.

The Album is packaged in an innovative eco-friendly v-case.

Released 11/23/2010

01. End of the World (again)
02. Shark Man
03. Cast Off
04. Dynamite in the Distance
05. One Way to Find Out
06. Little Fish
07. Ireland
08. Reverie
09. Buster
10. Stones of Jerusalem
11. Piece of Me
12. We Call It Freedom
13. Let the Wave Say
14. Angeline

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